A Look At The Different Types Of Construction Generators & Their Pros And Cons

Keeping power to your construction project is a necessity, but not every site will have the power you need to keep going during a job. If you will be working in a rural area or where there is no available electric source, you may need to rent a generator until the job is complete. Construction generator rental is easy to achieve if you have an equipment rental place in your area. You will find multiple types of generators to choose from, each with their pros and cons. Take a look at some of the most common and the advantages and disadvantages to know before you rent. 

Type: Diesel-Powered Generator 

Powered by diesel, these generators are probably one of the most preferred types of generators for construction companies. The units are fairly large and capable of providing substantial amounts of wattage. 


  • Diesel generators are capable of powering heavy-duty equipment with great electrical needs
  • The generators have a tough and rugged construction


  • Diesel generators can be pretty loud
  • These generators are not as portable as smaller versions

Type: Inverter Generator 

Inverter generators are one of the more technologically advanced types of generators. These generators supply power through an inverter board, so the electricity provided is free from surges in power. This makes the generator especially good for electronics that may be sensitive to surges. 


  • The generators are much quieter than typical units
  • These units work well with sensitive electronic equipment 
  • The generators are small and portable 


  • The unit may not be large enough to power multiple items
  • These generators are most often powered by gas instead of diesel 
  • Power supplication can be limited 

Type: Portable Propane Generator 

Designed for ultimate portability, propane-powered generators come in a range of different sizes to suit varying power-generation needs on your work site. A lot of contractors prefer propane generators because they can rent the generator and have a tank of propane delivered for temporary fueling use. 


  • These generators come in smaller sizes, but most are quite substantially sized
  • The units are highly efficient for long-term projects 
  • Propane generators can offer power for multiple pieces of equipment


  • Propane generators can be a little higher to rent 
  • These generators will require you to make arrangements for a propane fueling tank 

When you take the time to get to know the different types of generators, you will end up with a unit that works out the best for your needs. Visit a website like https://www.allstareq.com/ to learn more.