Why Renting A Crane May Be The Better Option For Your Construction Company

As the owner of a construction company, there may be times in which you need access to a crane in order to complete the job you were hired to do. While it might be tempting to go and buy your own crane, you might want to hold off on doing that. Instead, take a few moments to read through the following reasons why taking advantage of crane rental services may be the best idea. Read More 

Lift And Reach! For Better Forklift Pricing

Forklifts have made warehouse work a thousand times easier than it ever was. Before electricity and forklifts, dock workers had to use ropes and pulleys to move large loads into position and place the loads on shelves. Now, forklifts just pick up pallets carrying up to forty thousand pounds as though the loads were boxes of feathers. No strain, no bodily injury, and no time-consuming tasks are involved. The only barrier most warehouses face is the cost of purchasing one or more forklifts. Read More 

Which Wood Chipper Is Best?

After spending time moving tree branches and twigs around and out of the way of your work, you might be looking for another solution for clearing sites. Wood chippers can break down the wood you find on different work sites so that wood no longer has to present a problem. Which wood chipper is appropriate for your construction business? Gas or Electric One thing to immediately focus on is whether you'll be using an electric or gas chipper. Read More 

4 Ways To Save Money When Renting A Crane

Renting a crane can be expensive. You can take steps that will save you money on your crane rental. #1 Hire a High-Quality Contractor First, you need to hire a high-quality contractor. If you hire a low-quality contractor, the job may take longer than necessary to complete. If you hire a contractor who doesn't have the skills or knowledge to do the job, the job is going to take longer, which is going to cost you money. Read More 

How to Prepare Pole-Mounted Transformers for a Hurricane

Pole-mounted transformers just make more sense than pad-mounted transformers for a number of reasons. They are less likely to be stolen or tampered with, and they don't take up a lot of ground space in areas where that space might be limited. There are some concerns to know and think about when it comes to pole-mounted transformers, though, and you might be concerned about them being damaged if a hurricane is supposed to be affecting your area in the near future. Read More